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The Brain Alchemist makes ideas come alive and thrive in multimedia by offering cutting-edge, research-based, inspired solutions for interactive learning.

What makes us different?

We design learning with your brain in mind:

  • We cultivate habits and attitude that are required to focus attention and pull through the grind of overwhelm towards a clear, creative and productive mind.
  • We don’t transfer information, we transform lives.

 We make learning social and interactive – in demand and on demand:

  • Participants get to play and co-create their learning experiences while practicing real-life skills for the connected, wired world.
  • Our proprietary, interactive, step-by-step, modular system creates greater impact, connection and engagement.

We make expertise thrive in multimedia:

  • We design customized, multimedia learning that nourishes the senses, nurtures the mind and sharpens skills.
  • We use digital storytelling, interactive scenarios and game elements to increase participants’ motivation to learn and boost retention.

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