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Rewire your brain to speak your mind and be heard!

The Brain Alchemist


Here are some of the topics we work on…

Brains Sync:

  • Learning;
  • Memory;
  • Creativity;
  • Presentation and public speaking skills;
  • From perception to persuasion;
  • Leadership communication skills.

 Brains at War:  Performing under Pressure

  • Navigating personal and workplace conflicts;
  • Overcoming the fear of public speaking;
  • Silencing your inner critic;
  • Preparing for high-stake events and conversations;
  • Effectively regulating emotions.

Brains link:

Move your body, shift your mind (Workshop)

Brought to you in collaboration with yoga instructors, this workshop explores the relationships between our mind and body.

The yoga session will take you through a series of breathing and relaxation techniques, beginner asanas and flows designed to help you open your chakras, create awareness, boost your intuition and creativity. You will have the opportunity to relate the experience of yoga to the workings of your brain as we explore the following topics:

  • Breathing techniques for better memory and emotional regulation;
  • Posture and movement;
  • Mind detox;
  • Listening and awareness;
  • Changing perspectives;
  • Open-hearted, brain-friendly habits.

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