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What is coaching?

Coaching is a unique co-creative relationship between the coach and the client designed to maximize the client’s potential and produce significant results.

What do you do as a coach?

I listen openly and actively, respond and ask questions that help you clarify your vision and goals and explore your own wisdom, offer different perspectives, help you find your pathway to success and stay true to your goals, hold you accountable for what you say you will do, offer support and encouragement.  My coaching uses brain-based approaches.  It is also empathetic and intuitive.

How is coaching different from counseling or consulting?

As your coach, I don’t diagnose or treat anything. I don’t give you legal, financial, or medical advice. Although I may offer suggestions, I don’t provide you with cookie-cutter solutions. My goal is to help you uncover and embrace your own wisdom and resources you need to succeed on your own terms.

Who are your typical clients?

Many of my clients are  executives, professionals, entrepreneurs, and business leaders who want to increase their influence and impact, be effective communicators, and build trust, credibility and strong relationships.  They want to tap into their potential for peak performance and experience more focused energy and flow in their work and life.  They want to be productive, creative, and confident, although they may currently feel stressed, overwhelmed and indecisive.  We use brain-based strategies to push the boundaries of what’s possible by focusing on the mindset, reflection, insights, clarity of thinking, and consistent action.

Who would NOT be a good candidate for your coaching program?

My coaching doesn’t include any legal, financial, or medical recommendations. You may want to consult an attorney, a financial adviser, or a health care professional if you need that type of advice, and I will be happy to support you in the program you are following.

Coaching will not work for you if you are not willing to work for your results.  I best work with highly-committed individuals who believe in the importance of learning, have an open mind, and are willing to use cutting-edge, evidence-based strategies to improve their self-awareness, communication, and performance.

How do we work together?

We will have our coaching sessions over the phone. After we clarify your overall vision and goals, we will focus each session on a specific topic or issue of your choice. Together, we will uncover the most direct pathway from where you are to where you want to be, identify the actual and potential barriers, develop strategies for overcoming the obstacles and a plan to keep us on target. You will be able to communicate with me through e-mail in between the sessions. I will also provide you with additional materials as appropriate.

How long is your coaching program and how is it structured?

I currently offer several coaching packages. I will be happy to discuss any custom and group programs to suit your goals. Please contact me directly to talk about your options by emailing ana (at) brainalchemist.com or calling (203) 354-9808.

I think I know what I want. How do we start?

Great! Email me at ana (at) brainalchemist.com or leave me a message on my voice mail at (203) 354-9808 to register for your FREE discovery session. This session will give us a change to get acquainted, talk about your goals and concerns and see if my coaching program is a good fit for you. After this introductory session, I will e-mail you my Welcome Package so that you can learn more about my coaching and decide on the days and the times for our phone sessions. I will ask you to fill out some additional information about yourself so that we could get to work on your goals right away.

I just have a few questions for you. How can I contact you?

Please call (203) 354-9808 or email ana (at) brainalchemist.com, I will be happy to answer any questions you may have.

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