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Rewire your brain to speak your mind and be heard!

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You know the age old question, right? If a tree falls in a forest, and no one’s there to hear it, does it make a sound?

Well, the new age question is this: If an expert knows stuff that helps people, but no one hears about it, uses it, or takes action as a result of it, is it worth it to acquire the expertise in the first place?

Well, maybe. But maybe…not. Here’s the scoop:

You’re smart.

You know stuff.

And you know stuff that helps people.

But you’re left wondering: Is this it? Now what? Did any of my hard work even matter?

The good news: Your expertise isn’t dead in the water, you’re not old news, and it’s easier than ever to make (and keep) a name for yourself. A name that draws flocks of people right to your expert door. A name that’s in demand. And a name that will carry you through to the next phase in your career.

How? A little something we like to call:


Not rest & relaxation (albeit lovely); the other R&R.

Repurpose & Repackage

To illustrate what I mean, let me ask you this: Which makes more money, the book or the movie?

The movie, right? Okay, now: Which came first?

That’s right, in most cases, the book—not the movie—would have come first, and then the story was adapted to the big screen. And that’s the art of repurposing & repackaging: Taking a body of work that already exists, and modifying it to create a new experience—one that continues to get exposure, build the name, and, most importantly, create a new source of profitability…based on a signature idea.

That’s exactly why I’m reaching out. If you’re an author or an expert, and you know it’s time to take your expertise to a new level; a level that gives you more exposure in your industry, builds your name, and, most importantly, creates a new source of profitability from a signature idea, then allow me to introduce Rewire Your Brain to Speak Your Mind; a new initiative for 2016 designed to help authors & experts become authorities…and get paid like one, too.

Rewire Your Brain to Speak Your Mind is about transformation into a speaker who can captivate minds by communicating from the heart. It is a special initiative designed to enable me to personally mentor you on how to take your existing knowledge, ideas and even books, and re-position and re-purpose them to go from an expert to a speaker:

  • To connect with your audience and build trust;
  • To tell brain-captivating stories;
  • To craft persuasive messages and ignite action;
  • To create memorable and entertaining learning opportunities for your audience.

Because in our world of digital distractions and short attention spans, effective public speaking is the easiest and most reliable way to connect with your audience – human-to-human – even if you meet in a virtual space. The best part: you don’t have to be a “perfect” speaker. None of us is. You just need to learn how to connect with your audience members, keep them engaged and move them to take action.

When you’re a speaker, you have something you didn’t before, and that something is leverage.


Leverage to attract more clients, more money, more opportunity, more exposure, more interest, more caring, more doing, more being, more living. And, of course, the ability to impact people’s lives in ways you never could have before.

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