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Rewire your brain to speak your mind and be heard!

The Brain Alchemist

Rewire your brain to speak your mind and be heard!

You know the age old question, right? If a tree falls in a forest, and no one’s there to hear it, does it make a sound?

Well, the new age questions may be these:

If you stand in front of an audience, about to deliver a talk, and your fear of public speaking makes your mind go blank and leaves you emotionally paralyzed, will the audience get to hear your message?

If you are at a job interview or about to pitch an idea, will you find the right words to describe why you and your ideas are exactly what the other party is looking for?

If you need to have a difficult conversation with your spouse, child, co-worker or friend, will you be able to get your point across?

Will you be heard? Truly heard, not just acknowledged with polite nods, or even worse, met with outright resistance?

Will you be able to inspire, persuade, and move people to action with your words?

Some of our most important conversations happen with ourselves about the stories we tell ourselves.

With each choice of words, you can either disengage or connect, show up guarded or vulnerable, belittle or uplift, assume or explore, doubt or lead. What choices are you making today?

Here’s the scoop:
You’re smart.
You know stuff.
And you know stuff that helps other people.

But you’re left wondering:
Do I have the guts to say what I mean?
Are my ideas even worth voicing out loud?
Can I ever get comfortable speaking in public?

The good news is: “Yes!” You have the guts to say what you mean. You have many worthwhile ideas that others need to hear. And you can speak in public.

All you need is to FIND YOUR TRUE VOICE.

Not that critical inner voice that questions and sabotages your abilities.
Not that defensive stance voice that “knows it all” and is ready to jump to conclusions and attack.
Not that insecure, trembling voice that is just too uncertain to assert itself.
And not those other voices in your head…of your parents, friends, media…that are stuck in there and almost feel like your own.

You need to find YOUR voice that speaks YOUR truth from the heart powerfully and persuasively. In other words, you need to


…because the magic of a genuine human connection is much more precious than the safety of posturing.

I’ll share a little secret. You brain thinks it is in charge, but it is not the whole story. Your whole body, your heart and your gut all communicate with your brain. I approach communication holistically, helping you uncover your present mind-body stories and fine-tune or transform them as needed to achieve your purpose.

It doesn’t have to be complicated. It doesn’t have to be overwhelming. You’ve already done the hard stuff. All you need now is someone to help you make the transition to a brain-savvy and open-hearted speaker and communicator, instantly providing you with a whole new layer of clout, respect and financial reward. After all, you’ve worked hard, and you deserve to be compensated for it.

When you’re a speaker and authority, you have something you didn’t before, and that something is leverage.


Leverage to attract more clients, more money, more opportunity, more exposure, more interest, more caring, more doing, more being, more living. And, of course, the ability to impact people’s lives in ways you never could have before.

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Rewire your brain to speak your mind and be heard!