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Rewire your brain to speak your mind and be heard!

The Brain Alchemist

Teach, Coach, Speak, Train and Present with the Brain in Mind!

The Brain Alchemist translates neuroscience  and new media psychology insights into cutting-edge, research-based solutions for interactive learning that can help you craft and deliver persuasive messages and make your ideas come alive and thrive in multimedia.

How are we different?

I. We design learning with your brain in mind:

~ We ditch learning myths in favor of research-based solutions grounded in neuroscience and psychology of learning.

~ We don’t transfer information, we transform lives.

II. We make learning social and interactive – in demand and on demand:

~ Participants get to play and co-create their learning experiences while practicing real-life skills for the connected, wired world.

~ Our proprietary, interactive, step-by-step, modular system creates greater impact, connection and engagement.

III. We make expertise thrive in multimedia:

~ We design customized, multimedia learning that nourishes the senses, nurtures the mind and sharpens skills.

~ We use digital storytelling, interactive scenarios and game elements to increase participants’ motivation to learn and boost retention.*

*Our program “Increasing Engagement through Storytelling, Scenario-Based Learning and Gamification” is a 2015 STARTALK grant recipient.



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