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Introducing Bookphoria, where books and ideas thrive in multimedia learning

bookHappy holidays!

May your heart be filled with love and wonder, your belly with laughter (and yummy food) and your mind with good thoughts!

As we are gearing up for 2014, we are excited to share our animation from Bookphoria and start a conversation with authors, speakers and experts on how they can grow their virtual communities and make their ideas thrive in multimedia. Bookphoria’s mission is to convert books and expert content into dynamic multimedia learning modules that can be used on websites, in presentations, workshops, webinars and other “learnscapes,” including:

  • Author and Speaker Reels and Interviews;
  • Learning animations;
  • “Avatar Quests” and surveys to grow your virtual audience;
  • Gamified learning capsules that can help your audience apply and practice your main ideas.

Play while you learn!

Check out our animation below:

If you are an author, plan to become one or know authors of non-fiction books, we would love to connect with you!

Find Bookphoria on Facebook at https://www.facebook.com/bookphoria and Twitter at https://twitter.com/bookphoria.

Think outside the book!

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