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The Brain Alchemist

January 2014

The Brain Alchemist has been nominated for the Liebster Award by Nancy J. Smyth of Virtual Connections. Nancy is Professor and Dean at the University at Buffalo School of Social Work.  I had the pleasure of sharing some wonderful times and book club discussions with Nancy when we lived in Buffalo, NY. Now, I host […]


How to create your multimedia author or speaker bio

by Anastasia on January 16, 2014

Our goal at Bookphoria is to entice more authors, speakers and experts to explore the world of multimedia as a gateway to more dynamic and engaging presentations, growing readership and audience, greater impact and multiple income streams for your business. We want to give you practical tips and tools to start using multimedia in your […]


5 Steps to Build Virtual Presence Through Multimedia

by Anastasia on January 14, 2014

Marketing experts, like Seth Godin and others, predict that books and expert content have to move more and more into the digital realm to adapt to how people interact with information. We already saw it when Oprah and Brené Brown launched an e-course based on Brené Brown’s book “The Gifts of Imperfection.” That is going to […]