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Top Reasons for Facebook Unfriending

What happens when Facebook friendships end?  This question prompted Christopher Sibona, a PhD student in the Computer Science and Information Systems program at the University of Colorado Denver Business School, to do a study on the Facebook unfriending practices.  ScienceDaily reports:

After surveying more than 1,500 Facebook users on Twitter, Sibona found the number-one reason for unfriending is frequent, unimportant posts.

“The 100th post about your favorite band is no longer interesting,” he said.

The second reason was posting about polarizing topics like religion and politics.

“They say not to talk about religion or politics at office parties and the same thing is true online,” he said.

Inappropriate posts, such as crude or racist comments, were the third reason for being unfriended.

The study showed 57 percent of those surveyed unfriended for online reasons, while 26.9 percent did so for offline behavior.

Sibona also cited a 2010 survey showing that 54.6 percent of recruiters used the site to find or investigate job candidates, suggesting that the same reasons may turn the recruiters away.

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