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Conflict Management

Happy New Year! What is your most daring business-related vision for 2014 and beyond? I will share one of mine with you. I just submitted a book chapter on transmedia storytelling for speakers. Transmedia storytelling is a novel concept for many.  Here is a short video that explains it: Having worked in the peacemaking and […]


Communication feels like air, water and food to us.  We communicate naturally and with abundance. The Internet turned communication into a buffet of ideas that we can all gorge on at any given moment, for better or for worse. How do we avoid empty information calories and excessive vicarious emotions that stimulate the brain but […]


5 practices for resilient communication

by Anastasia on February 14, 2013

Resilience is the ability to bounce back.  Resilient communication allows us to bounce back from any negativity, perceived threats or attacks that may happen in the course of a social interaction.  A good visual for it is a rubber band ball – a bouncy ball, made by wrapping rubber bands around its core. Each individual […]

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Happy New Year!  May 2013 be peaceful, safe, healthy, joyful and prosperous! Our lives find meaning, purpose and fullest expression through connection with other human beings.  Here at The Brain Alchemist, we promise to help you make your communication in 2013 brain-friendly and heart-full so that you can nurture and grow relationships that matter. The […]


The Sweet & Sour Sauce of Integrative Communication

by Anastasia on December 1, 2012

The topic of today’s Communication Lab experiment is Sweet & Sour.  You may have tasted a sweet and sour sauce, often used in Chinese cuisine to go with fish or meat.  The intriguing part about Sweet & Sour is that it combines very different and somewhat opposing flavors to create a new, balanced flavor.  We […]