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The Brain Alchemist

November 2010

Rewire your brain for positive influence and happier relationships View more presentations from Anastasia Pryanikova.

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Friendly conversations make you smarter

by Anastasia on November 11, 2010

If you need to boost your brain power for an important task that demands working memory, self-monitoring, and the ability to suppress external and internal distractions, you now have an excuse to procrastinate by engaging in a pleasant chat with friends.  A recent University of Michigan study indicates that friendly conversations boost executive function while […]

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Much discussion around personal brands focuses on the story and messages we want to communicate to our audience.  Such intentional strategy is important and necessary, but it is equally important to accept that it’s not your intentions that form your personal brand, it’s the perceptions you create in the minds of others.   These perceptions are […]

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