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Explainers: Thumbs up or thumbs down?

Whether you are trying to assemble a new kitchen table or learn a new program, you have to deal with instructions. Reading instructions is rarely fun. They are often boring, confusing and full of jargon. We’d rather jump in and tinker with things to figure out how they work. That is why our Bookporia team favors an interactive, audience-driven approach to explainers.

In recent years, short explainer videos have become popular in business to introduce and explain the functions and benefits of various products and services and educate consumers. These videos are definitely more engaging than just text. An expainer video can also increase conversion rates by around 15% to 50%. However, even with explainer videos, viewers still remain passive and their attention can drift away.

What if you could get your viewers interact with your content right away by reflecting, making choices, and getting feedback? Interactive explainers let your audience experience your product, service or system by turning your sales pitch into edutainment. Would you rather read the recipe of a pie, look at its picture or try a slice? Which option will help you decide faster whether you like the pie or not?

Click on the picture below to see the following interactive explainer, which introduces scenarios where participants give their thumbs-up or thumbs-down to various public speaking techniques:


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Five benefits of using multimedia to build your expert brand in academia and beyond

Photo credit: Irina Drigalenko


Our Bookphoria team has just returned from the University of Iowa in Iowa City, where we were honored to be part of the STARTALK program. We delivered our presentation on the use of multimedia for academics so that they could build their expert brands to be both in and on demand.

Because of the economic situation and development of technology, more and more academics need to find new ways to promote their courses and programs. Some start information businesses or consulting practices as full-time or part-time options. All academics need to enhance their presentation skills and online visibility to succeed in their professional endeavors.  In order to stand out in the crowded industry, academics must position themselves as a known authority in their field. While being subject-matter experts, they often lack marketing skills and may dislike self-promotion.

The good news is that you can build your expert brand without having to push sales on your clients or spend endless hours figuring out how to make social media work for your business.  Multimedia storytelling offers a perfect solution to combine what you know and love (education) with effective promotion. In multimedia storytelling, you pair different elements of your expertise with various media platforms to develop engaging content and build unique client experiences by offering your own blend of edutainment.

According to Getty Images statistics (2012), 92% of people want brands to make ads to feel like a story or game.  Multimedia solutions allow you to advertise your expertise across multiple channels that your audience already uses to build stronger emotional connections and higher engagement with your business.  Here are five benefits of using multimedia to build your expert brand:

  1. You grow your visibility and influence online.
  2. You engage your audience and make your presentations appeal to multiple senses and modes of learning by using games, animation, interactive activities, infographics, scenarios and digital stories.
  3. You leverage your content by re-purposing and remixing publications, video and audio information products, and marketing materials.
  4. You stock your toolbox with ready-to-use multimedia learning modules to enhance your branding and marketing as you educate your clients.
  5. You create an engaging and dynamic expert portfolio that showcases your unique strengths and expertise to prospects, conference organizers, as well as potential employers.

Bookphoria is here to help you build your expert brand to be both in and on demand. Sign up for our complimentary consultation at http://bookphoria.com/register-for-your-complimentary-consultation/

Go the distance for your audience

keep_calm_and_fight_the_distance_posters-ra2637186e5dc43ac814a5ddba477e4e2_wvf_8byvr_512Last fall, I began practicing Krav Maga, a self-defense system originally developed for the military in Israel. One of the concepts we learn to evaluate in Krav Maga is distance. Ideally, you want to be far enough from a threat to escape and avoid confrontation altogether. When it is not possible or safe, the worst place to be is often mid-range because that’s where you will feel the most impact from an attack. To defend and counter attack effectively, Krav Maga teaches to close the gap between you and your opponent to neutralize the attack and gain control of the opponent. Moving closer to danger does not feel natural, so we need to repeat the drills over and over to make the techniques almost automatic.

This evaluation of distance and risk can apply to many other situations in life, including the fear of public speaking, as well as presentation design and delivery. Our brains are wired to conserve energy and resources and keep us in the comfort zone of what we know. It takes effort and a leap of faith to learn a new skill, change habits, or test novel solutions. Our brains are happy to stay away from challenge and maintain the status quo.

As a presenter, you want to challenge your audience’s brains. You may choose a mid-range strategy, getting by with the known and frequently used methods, such as lecturing with PowerPoint slides, notes or handouts. What’s the downside? Your audience members have to battle a multitude of distractions, such as social media, email, their own concerns and preoccupations, etc., to stay focused on your expert content. Our attentions spans are getting shorter, and our working memory is limited. We can consciously process only about seven pieces of information at a time. The cognitive load of dense expert content is like a punch. It can leave the audience’s minds fuzzy or even deliver a knock-out.  If your audience members have to struggle through loads of information, they are more likely to give up. That is the real risk that many presenters face.

In contrast, opening your presentation in a surprising way that grabs attention, telling stories, interacting with the audience, playing games, using catchy visuals and multimedia to generate discussions may seem like novel approaches. They may require you to take a leap of faith and venture into the unfamiliar territory. The risk shifts from the audience to you as a presenter to come up with innovative solutions to keep the audience’s minds engaged and active.  You have to relinquish some of the control over the material to let your audience to co-create their learning experience with you.  You have to be open to unexpected turns and new possibilities emerging from your interactions. However, if you are willing to take that risk, you are closing the gap between your expert content and the audience. You can offer multisensory experiences that entertain and educate, nourish and sharpen the minds. When the participants are both challenged and engaged, they can reach the so called state of “flow,” or relaxed concentration, and feel good about their progress, so they will be happy to continue learning from you.

Are you willing to go the distance for your audience?

Do you have a 10X mindset?

EXPY Awards

Last April, our Bookphoria team had the honor of attending the National Association of Experts, Writers and Speakers EXPY® Awards in New York City. It was a powerful two-day event of education, networking with leading business experts, as well as the recognition of our achievements.

We got to learn from the best minds in business: the world-renowned Strategic Coach Dan Sullivan, best-selling author and guru of personal and professional development Brian Tracy, businessman, motivational speaker and President of High Point University Nido Qubein, as well as Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington. What distinguishes all these remarkable leaders is the 10X mindset. Dan Sullivan talked about the difference between 10X mindset of abundance and 2X mindset of scarcity. Can you believe that 10X is easier than 2X? According to Dan Sullivan, the 10X components that create the abundance spiral are:

  • gratitude,
  • creativity,
  • cooperation,
  • exponentials,
  • ingenuity,
  • opportunity.

Our mission at Bookphoria is to make sure that all our cutting-edge, research-based solutions for multimedia interactive learning reflect such 10X mindset, generating more abundance spirals for our clients. We design learning environments for the multisensory world to nourish the senses, nurture the mind and sharpen skills.

What would a 10X mindset mean for your business?

Speaking of multisensory experiences, we have some fun photos to share from the EXPY® Awards. Click HERE to see the photos.

Here is a video of me receiving a Speaker EXPY award:


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World Class Speaking in Action

World Class Speaking in Action“If you want to thrive as a speaker, read this book.”
~ Les Brown

I am excited to announce the release of a fantastic new book, “World Class Speaking in Action.” Taking Craig Valentine’s World Class Speaking Coach Certification program and learning directly from a World Champion of Public Speaking for Toastmasters International was one of the best decisions I made to improve my skills as a presenter and propel my speaking business. Now, Craig Valentine, Mitch Meyerson and 50  certified World Class Speaking Coaches came together to share their best speaking practices in this amazing book. I am so proud to be a co-author and contributor of the chapter “From Presentations to Virtual Presence: Engage and Grow Your Audience in the Digital World.”

Get the book and learn how to:

  • Craft an unforgettable message that hits home with your audience.
  • Deliver your speech in a way that keeps you audience on the edge of their seats.
  • Sell your message so that your audience members take the exact next step that you want them to take.
  • Master leading edge technologies and speak to thousands without even leaving home.

If you purchase the book today, you will also get 30 Bonus Audios (all brand new) in addition to 50 content-rich chapters.

If you are a speaker, presenter or marketer, this is a must read!

Purchase the book and get your 30 Bonus Audios at http://www.WorldClassSpeakingInAction.com

UPDATE:  We hit #1 on Amazon Bestsellers list in Public Speaking! Congratulations to all the authors! So grateful to all our supporters!

World Class Speaking in Action

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